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Hey Fellow Publisher,

You probably know why eBook marketing rocks..

  • lt’s the world’s fastest growing eBook markeplce
  • lt’s jammed packed with bungry BUYERS
  • lt’s a self marketing powerhouse, the market your books for you
  • lt’s way easier than SEO,PPC, or social media
  • lt’s FREE… there’s no upfront costs
  • Your eBooks are MOBILE friendly… with eBook marketing, you can reach the world’s largest internet audience of mobile users on apps for iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac, and Android-based devices.
Question is…

How do you get multiple best selling books, when everyone else is struggling to give thirs away for free?

When i first uploaded eBooks, my sales sucked.

Heck, I couldn’t even give my eBooks away for free.

What was I doing wrong?

lt took me months to realize the truth, but then it hit me…

FACT #1:

Crappy formatting RUINS your sales

The truth is, badly fomatted books get bad reviews, period.

And people won’t touch a book with bad reviews.

Bottom line?

Just one bad review, and your sales are dead in the water.

Problem is…

eBook FOMATTING is a PAIN in the butt!

Making your books “eBook-ready” is like pulling teeth…

…in the dark, with your hands tied.



You have to be some
kind of technical whiz
kid to get your books
formatted right…

I mean, seriously…

But even if you HAVE the
there’s another

The eBook Preview Tool doesn’t always show your mistakes.

Which means, even if you THINK you did everything right, you won’t know

until it’s published in an eBook marketplace.

And is you screwed up the formatting, or made one small mistake, you’re
gonna find out after it’s live on the eBook marketplace.

At which point, it’s too late…

People witll take one look at your book’s screwed up formatting, and the will

And you know what happens after that?

They leave a bad review.

poor…goodbye sales.

… and that’s if they

actually approve your submission’s at all!

Truth is, hundreds of people are forced to re-submit their books because of

formatting screw ups…and if that happens, you’le got another few days of waiting for approval.

FACT #2:

The more books you have,
the more money you make

lt’s simple maths…

The more books you have out there, more chance someone will see one of them and buy it, right?

lt’s like having millions of websites… …the more you have, the more traffic you get from Goolge.

Problem is…

Publishing multiple
titles can be a total
nightmare too…

As if formatting problems weren’t enough…

…if you’re putting out books on a regular basis then you’ve got to deal with

dozens and dozens of folders and files sprawled across your desktop.

And every time you want to edit or publish an eBook, you need to hunt down the file, open up Word, then log into the publisher website, and make sure you follow all their instructions carefully.

… especially if you’re publishing a lot of eBooks.


Problem is…

After months of formatting and publishing each document by hand, and dealing with files and folders scattered
across my computer, I decided enough was enough.

So, I went out searching for a solution

Most eBook publication
help doesn’t exist
(…or just doesn’t work)

First off, you’ve got freelancers.

These guys are great at formatting your titles, but it costs a bomb, and

usually adds at least 3 days onto your production time.

Here’s Just one site I found in Google page#1:

$125 for one small book…
$125 per book…!

With just 10 books being formatted each month, that’s $1250 per year.

And that’s before paying to add images, submission, revisions, Skype calls,

There must be another way, right?

Well, kinda…

Software is a
smarter option…

… problem is, most sofware sucks.

After hours of searching Google and download websites, I only managed to find 2 out-of-date tools that I could try.

Problem is, they sucked because:

  • They screw with formatting
  • They remove content
  • They make your browser unstable
  • They don’t store your uploads
  • They don’t publish for you
  • They don’t even allow you to save your books

I’m not kidding…

Just a simple search for “eBook formatting software” and you’ll see for yourself.

There’s nothing out there, and there should be.

Which is exactly why we created…

KD Pro Publishing allows you to create, format and one-click publish your books to the 
Kindle eBook marketplace, all within a central control panel.

We were forced to create this tool, after months of backbreaking work trying to format, manage and publish multiple eBook titles per week.

But enough chat, because it’s…


Format and publish your eBooks
in less than 60 seconds!

KD Pro Publishing,
you can:

  • Create new books within your control panel UNIQUE FEATURE
  • Upload existing books to edit, or just format for the given marketplace
  • Automatically format your entire book in just minutes
  • Automatically insert and format your Table Of Contents HOT FEATURE
Plus, a range of unique features you
won’t find anywhere else, including
  • Push botton marketplace submissions UNIQUE FEATURE
  • Total eBook management. All of your eBook submissions, uploads and working files are kept in one single control panel UNIQUE FEATURE
  • Integrated sales reporting UNIQUE FEATURE
And you know what’s really cool?
  • No Need to buy Word
  • No Need to log into each time you want to publish, edit, or check your stats
  • No Need to mess with multiple folders on your desktop

The more books you get
the more money
you make.

Look, there’s a reason why I’ve got ten best selling books online right now, making me a sweet passive income whilst i sit here eating Nachos..

  • I’m not some genius.
  • I’m not a nobel prize winner.
  • I’m not even a great wirter!

I just use KD Pro Publishing to dominate niche after

niche, shut out the competition, and create simple

little books that people LOVE to read, share with

friends, and review like crazy.

The simple truth is, the more books you publish online, the more money you make…

… but not just any old books, I’m talking about properly formatted, easy to read books that bring in 5 star reviews…

… not crappy, buggy, amateur hour books that got screwed up with mind boggling formatting processes.

4 more reason why KD
Pro Publishing will
your eBook income…

  • Triple or quadruple your exposure… more books, money. I’m living proof of that. Use KD Pro Publishing to obliterate the competition with more books and more exposure than ever before.
  • Get more 5* reviews and viral sharing… better formatting, better reviews, more sales, more viral sharing. Simple.
  • Saturate multiple niches within days… no more wating for freelancers, no more screwing with files and folders, no more weird codding.
  • Crush the competition…nobody can compete with a KD Pro Publishing  user, for all of these reasons above.
So, the question is…

What’s it

Will, look at it this way…

What would it cost to do this yourself?

If it takes you an hour to format, upload and publish your books by hand, and you’re publishing 10 books a month, that’s 10 hours you’re losing each month,needlessly.

  • What could you do in 10 hours instead?
  • That’s a full day at work for most people, plus over time.
  • That’s an entire day lost, knee deep in codding, desing, and guidelines.
  • Yuck.

So I guess you could hire someone instead, right?

But as you’ve already seen, the typical price for this service is around $125 per book… and that’s before paying to add images, submission, revisions, and on, and on.

So if you’re publishing 10 books a month, that’s

$1250, before you’ve got it uploaded and ready to

sell, and before you’ve added images.

And you’ve got to back and forth with unreliable

freelancers via email and Skype too.

Double Yuck.

And yes, you could try other software…

Problem is, they’re truly terrible, and they’re seriously lacking in features.

For example…

  • They don’t allow you to create new books within your control panel
  • They don’t allow you to automatically insert your Table Of Contents
  • They don’t allow you to Manage all your books in one location
  • They don’t allow you to submit yiour books
  • They don’t allow you to quickly check your stats within their software
  • They don’t allow you to use proxies to safeguard your IP when publishing frequently

In short, other products suck.

That’s exactly whay I created KD Pro Publishing … because other tools just don’t cut it.

And the really good news is…

You can get an unlimited


license for just:

KD Publishing Pro

One small investment will save you… a potential $1250 in costs.

One small investment will save you… a potential day’s worth of backbreaking labour.

One small investment will save you… from bad reviews, resubmissions and a whole load of wasted time tryimg to get your eBooks online.

Life’s too short, right?

So grab your licence today, download KD Pro Publishing, and start dominating eBook marketing without the usual time wasting, stress building, mony drainging methods you’ve had to face in the past…

Are you gonna dominate eBook marketing now, or are you gonna slug it our UNTILL YOU’RE BITTER

The way we see it, you’ve
got three choices…

1 Ignore eBooks completely… and miss out on millions of people that are buying eBooks everyday

2 Waste days (and thousands of dollars doing it yourself …) and taking months to get whare you could have bee in days

3 Cheat your way to mass eBook success…using KD Pro Publishing to create, format and Publish of online eBooks every day, without andy of the usual technical hassles or costs

So which is it gonna be?

The decision is your…

KD Publishing Pro

P.S- if you’re still on the fence, then i’ll leave you with this final point…in 2019, making money with information is harder than it has ever been.

Google has cut all ties with eBook marketers and most self publishers.

Facebook will hardly ever approve ads that sell of give away infoproducts.

The world is more savvy to the scams and junk content, and it’s harder to get through to your buyers than ever before.

But with online eBook marketing, you’ve got a wide open space… a golden opportunity…to jump back into the game and start bulding a massive list, tons of sales, and maybe even start your own six figure business from tiny tittle eBooks… just like the old days.

  • No need to fight your way into the Clickbank pull pit.
  • No need to scavenge “eBook friendly” advertising sources.
  • No need to try and SEO your blog.
  • No need to kiss butt with potential JV partners.

Because the eBook
marketplaces act as your
own giant JV partner who
WANTS you to publish as
many books as you can,

And in return, they will market the heck out of these books for you, and take a small cut of the sale.

It’s in their best interest to have people like you onboard, publishing multiple books per week, or month, because it makes them (and you ) more money.

Problem is, most eBook authors, and most marketers in general, don’t realize that the more online eBooks you get out there, the more money you make.

And the smart ones, like you, realize that even if you wanted to get multiple books out there each week, it’s almost impossible with the required crazy fomatting roadblocks..

…and the stupid costs, time contraints and hassles of doing it yourself don’t make sense.

With KD Pro Publishing, you can bypass the herd…

… and dominate Amazon Kindle eBook marketing over and over, with multiple submissions that your competitors simply cannot keep up with.

Using KD Pro Publishing, not only will your books look professional and suck in more positive reviews, but with so many titles uploaded each week or month, you’ll be in their face at every turn, shutting out the competition.

That’s my big scret to 10 x best selling titles online fast (and growing.)

  • I’m not some genius.
  • I’m not a nobel prize winner.
  • I’m not even a great wirter!

I just use this tool to doninate niche after niche, shut out the
competition, and create simple tittle books that people LOVE to read, share with friends, and review like crazy.

And you could to …

KD Publishing Pro